The Timeframe of Garage Door Installation

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The Timeframe of Garage Door Installation

Once you’ve decided to go through with a home improvement project, it can seem like a lifetime before the ball gets rolling. More often than not this impatience is due to a lack of knowing what to expect.

When it comes time for garage door installation in your home, no two companies will complete the process the same. But Premier Entry Systems likes to keep our customers in the know. If you purchase one of our custom cedar garage doors, we’ll share our step-by-step process upfront, detailing exactly what will happen – along with an honest timeframe.

That’s right! No more guessing games. No more waiting around. Just the simple facts.

Step One: Consultation

Before we can start the custom garage door crafting process, we need to better understand you. We’ll arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and wants, as well as to get a feel for your unique style. Once we have a grasp on the look you’re going for, our team can move to the creative design process. (Our favorite part!)

Step Two: Get Designs

We treat each garage door design with the attention to detail it deserves. Using AutoCad software we will draw up several different garage door styles that fit your style preferences. Once we’ve drafted all the design detailing, we’ll send the drawings your way to get approval. If you don’t like any of the options, we’ll get back to the drawing board. After selecting the garage door you’d like to move forward with, we can then discuss staining and color options.

Step Three: Schedule Installation

This step is pretty straightforward. All we need is an agreed upon day and time to get your garage door perfectly installed.

Step Four: Install Takes Place

We send trained, qualified technicians to install your new garage door. We’ll equip you with everything you need to know about operation and maintenance, and if any problems should arise we’ll be happy to come back and fix them.

So how long will all of this take?

Believe it or not, a typical residential design and installation process form start to finish takes about a week – maybe even less! It’s all dependent on the design phase and your schedule. If everything runs smoothly, we can get your custom garage door up and running in no time at all.

Are you ready to install a custom cedar garage door in your home? Contact us today to schedule your consultation!