Do I Need To Stain My Garage Door?

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Do I Need To Stain My Garage Door?

Yes, it’s true that cedar wood contains a natural preservative, called tannic acid, that prevents against insect infestation, rotting and decay. But unless you treat your cedar garage door with a stain, exposure to the outdoors can degrade the quality and appearance of the door over time. Why take the risk?

If you don’t use a stain…

powerful ultraviolet sun rays, as well as moisture and other environmental conditions, will rob the cedar of its natural, damage-fighting preservatives. If water seeps into the wood, you’ll experience constant expansion and contraction that can lead to mold, algae and other unwanted bacterial growth. Failing to use a stain also increases the likelihood of splitting and curling.┬áDon’t invest in a beautiful, cedar garage door just to watch it deteriorate in a couple of years. Take the time to properly maintain the stain every five to six years.

How do I re-stain my cedar garage door?

  • Thoroughly wash the door using a hose or pressure washer.
  • Apply a wood cleaner to the door, allowing it to sit for up to 30 minutes. Scrub it off using a stiff brush, and rinse with water once again.
  • For the best results, apply a wood brightener to the door while wet. The acid in the brightener will counteract the tannic acid within the wood to eliminate dark spots or discoloration. After 45 minutes, wash the wood brightener off with a hose.
  • To keep the natural beauty of the cedar intact, choose a penetrating stain. This type of product will tint the wood and provide a seal without eliminating the natural look.
  • Use a paint brush, roller or spray can to apply the stain.
  • Starting in one corner of the door, apply the stain in the direction of the wood’s grain.
  • Apply as much stain as the cedar can absorb without going overboard.

As a rule of thumb, darker stains typically last longer than lighter ones. It’s standard to reapply a stain every five to six years, or whenever you begin to notice significant fading.

The good news is…

Premier Entry Systems takes care of the entire staining process for you. From installation and beyond, we’ll make sure our custom cedar garage doors are stained with quality and perfection in mind. If you have questions about staining a wooden garage door, call the experts at Premier Entry Systems today or post a comment below! We’ll be happy to share our tips and tricks.