Will My Cedar Garage Door Require A Lot Of Maintenance?

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Will My Cedar Garage Door Require A Lot Of Maintenance?

Cedar garage doors are becoming more and more popular in homes across the country, and for good reason. These doors are stronger and more durable than steel or overlay garage doors, and their natural beauty will make your neighbors green with envy.

However, those benefits come with a small price. Cedar garage doors require a more significant maintenance commitment than lesser garage doors do. That said, you’ll spend less time tending to your garage doors on a daily basis than you will tending to your kids or your dog.

Here are some things to look out for while maintaining your cedar garage doors.

Applying Wood Stain

Cedar garage door panels should be protected by a finish.
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Wood is a natural material. Although cedar panels have been harvested from trees and configured to fit your garage opening they still must be protected against a variety of harsh conditions.

Here at Premier Entry Systems, we use kiln-dried wood for our garage doors. This process limits the ability of the wood panels to expand and contract during shifting temperatures, and it also makes the wood less permeable to moisture. All wood panels we use are also covered with a finish, which protects the wood against everything from hail to scratches.

Regardless of which cedar garage door you choose, you should make sure that the panels are coated with a protective finish. This finish can wear off every few years, so it’s important to refinish the wood when this happens. And since you can access the inside-facing portion of the garage door, be sure to refinish both sides.

soapy water

A mixture of light detergent and water should be used to clean your garage doors.
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As a natural material, wood evokes a unique beauty. Still, the cedar panels that make up your garage door are susceptible to deterioration if they aren’t cleaned properly and on a regular basis.

You should clean your cedar garage doors at least once a year, but sometimes it might be necessary to clean the doors more frequently than that. For example, if you’re planning on refinishing your garage doors, it makes sense to first clean off all the deposits of dust and pollen that are likely stuck to it.

Cleaning your garage doors isn’t an overly complicated process, but you’ll need to allot some time to clean the wood thoroughly. To clean the garage doors, mix one cup of a mild household detergent in five gallons of warm water and apply the solution to the wood panels. Rinse the soapy solution away with clear water and let the garage door air dry.

If you’re planning on retreating the wood panels after you clean them, be sure to wait until the garage door is completely dry before applying the finish to it. Also, make sure there isn’t any rain in the forecast, since the finish needs time to dry.

Flor de Lis Garage Doors

Inspect your garage doors every day for cracks and scratches.


Finishing and cleaning will protect the cedar panels on your garage doors. But what if the damage runs deeper?

It’s important to inspect your garage doors every few days to make sure no cracks or scratches have damaged the cedar panels. Since your garage doors open and close several times a day, stress fractures can appear in the panels without warning. This can compromise your finish and leave the garage doors susceptible to water damage and pollutant infiltration.

If you do notice damage on the cedar panels, clean and re-finish those areas immediately to restore protection to the compromised area.

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